About Us

Manitoba Moon Voices Inc. (MMVI) is a non-profit organization supporting leadership and advancement for/by Indigenous women in the Province of Manitoba.

Our Mission Statement

While respecting the diverse paths of self-determination of Indigenous women; MMVI is building strong connections among Indigenous women, their communities, organizations and allies across Manitoba to support our collaborative voice and empower each other:

We share and promote knowledge and resources through positive actions and self-determination, while incorporating ancestral practices, with Indigenous women.

We recognize our Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunties, Cousins and Sisters as caregivers and leaders.

Our Vision Statement

Manitoba Moon Voices Inc. will acknowledge, reclaim and remember the diversity of Indigenous women’s roles, responsibilities in leadership and traditional governance, while honouring their accomplishments.

Our Goal

To build a strong connection among Indigenous women, organizations and allies across Manitoba supporting a collaborative voice in support of each other while also delivering responsive, effective, and valued research, education, access to resource sharing, and advocacy at the local, provincial, national and international levels.

Our Objectives

Resource Sharing – Physical

To create culturally safe and sacred space and opportunities for dialogue around issues facing Indigenous women and their families.

 Research – Psychological

To promote and model educational learning and development opportunities that embody de-colonization, healing, transformation, and mobilization that supports the process of reconciliation and self-determination of Indigenous women and girls

 Advocacy – Emotional

To serve as a vehicle for Indigenous women to re-claim our voice and rightful leadership position in the political arenas to ensure opportunity and authority to collectively raise issues at the regional, national, and international levels.

 Re-Membering – Spiritual

To increase women’s ability to affect change personally and within their families and communities through sharing stories and acts of power; resilience and resistance; and re-connecting to culturally appropriate ways of building peace and well-being for Indigenous women and their families in all areas of our lives.