Guiding Principles

Code of Honour

Members will be part of a Circle, with many strengths, knowledge, and expertise from varied perspectives and experiences.

The work we do, the issues we are facing, the trauma we all continue to carry is ever present and impacting. To ensure we collectively move forward in a good way, we look to the seven teachings as our main guiding principles of action and conduct.


  • If we truly wish to address violence, we must commit to our own healing path respecting first ourselves to ensure we also respect those surrounding and within our Circle
  • Respecting ourselves individually as well as collectively as a larger Circle and community will help reduce lateral violence and model transformative and healing open dialogue and communication and actions that will support positive growth and development.
  • All members must commit to the respectful acknowledgement that all people entering Manitoba Moon Voices Inc. carries valued purpose, gifts and strength that all may learn and benefit from.
  • We commit to utilizing an innovative consensus – making process that will bring to bear knowledge and expertise from varied perspectives.


  • We commit to honestly knowing and speaking our intentions. We commit to ensure our intentions are not rooted in individual agendas but for the collective development and advancement of Manitoba Moon Voices Inc., Indigenous women and gender diverse people in Manitoba.


  • We must courageously commit to challenging our colonized ways of thinking and doing. We commit to collectively supporting each other to dec